Is handing out fake doctor´s notes as addictive as any other recreational drug?

By on Jun 23, 2016 in Uncategorized |

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Interestingly when you see both issues: drug addiction and the use of fake doctors notes from an economic perspective, both are expensive for society. Let me explain, the use of recreational drugs creates a phenomenon that leads to the lack of productivity from drug abusers, making them a burden in the long term. This is also true with the use of a doctor excuse. These notes had been viral in today’s market which resulted to the growth in users.

By no means we are stating that people who uses doctor’s notes are a burden for society, nevertheless it is interesting to see the issue from this perspective since in the end people who use this mechanism for not going to work are indeed not being productive in economic terms. When we make this comparison is important to bear in mind that addiction means that you enjoy so much something that doing it again seems so right that you never consider the long term consequences.

Having a break from work or missing your biology class is not a crime, using a fake doctors note on the other hand is often very counterproductive for your company and in the long run for the society. For instance, getting away from work often can become so pleasant that you might consider handing out a doctor’s note once every two months, it may even become a routine, and without noticing after a year you have had so much time off you feel like you have the best job ever.

It’s incredible how doctor excuse form / note has been taking the world by storm. At first, it seems harmless just like how any other addicting things are. But after one successful use or twice, things could change in a bit. Previous users are fascinated on how effective this tool really is, that’s why they do it again and again. But you know how things can be dangerous if you exceeded, right? Try making your own medical practitioner’s form.

Even the smallest things in life can become addictive, like tanning for example, sex, drugs and doctors fake notes. There are methods, of course, to rehabilitate and recover from the addiction that a doctor excuse might cause to a person. You can find it here at makefakedoctorsnote.com.